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"I believe that the distance between where you are and where you want to be is measured by beliefs. Subconscious beliefs that hold you back by telling you that where you are is all you can become and achieve. The more you identify, challenge, and overcome the beliefs that hold you back, the shorter the distance to where you want to be." - Diddy

Incorporating different viewpoints into a cohesive plan towards a common goal is one of her most valuable strengths. Throughout her career, she has developed and implemented strategic plans that allows an organization to adapt to a rapidly changing workforce, creating opportunities for junior employees to innovate and contribute a fresh perspective into solutions for long-standing problems.

In addition to her business experience, Diddy has dedicated her personal time and investments for 7 years to the study of personal development and human potential. Through her studies, she has concluded that understanding the basic mechanics of human behavior is the key to unlocking dormant potential and satisfying the longing for growth and success in both personal affairs and career.

She has mastered the understanding of the conscious and subconscious mind and the way in which they control the decision making process. The actions we take or don’t take each day are based on what we believe ourselves to be worthy and capable of at any given time.

Diddy helps individual clients identify the limiting beliefs held subconsciously, which are mostly based on childhood experiences and events of high emotional impact. She then helps develop a new self-image and life vision that empowers the individual to break through the fear, impostor syndrome, and perceived glass ceiling; enabling them to take greater actions and achieve greater results.

"I have spent most of my adult life identifying, challenging, and overcoming beliefs that kept me stuck in different areas of my life. The moment I became aware that I was believing certain things about myself, mostly based on early childhood experiences and the environment I lived in, I began to reframe the image of myself in the area I wanted to change. I immediately started to notice changes in my behavior and ultimately in my life experience. I have witnessed how my self-worth, relationships, health, and financial status continue to improve as I identify beliefs and decide whether they serve me in a positive way or it's time for a change. I have been able to overcome the self-imposed limitations that these beliefs have unconsciously created in my life. As a result, I live in constant liberation of what doesn't serve me and in constant creation of the future that I want!

Life is fun and abundant! I invite you to do the same and experience it for yourself!"

Diddy Vazquez

Mindset and Performance Coach

Proctor Gallagher Consultant

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